Health Window


Healthcare co-ordination services are intended to offer patients:

  • Faster queues when collecting chronic medication;
  • Overcome obstacles to optimal therapy;
  • Disease management support for improved health outcomes.

What are Health Care Co-ordination Services?

Healthcare Co-ordination services are offered by your pharmacy and Health Window. These services might include:

  • Services to increase patient convenience for monthly chronic script fills by pre-packing medicine before the patient’s arrival, so that it saves the patient time in the queue. As part of the process of pre-packing your medication, the pharmacy may claim from your medical aid scheme, where applicable. Should you fail to collect your medication at your pharmacy, the claim will be reversed within 7 – 14 days.
  • Services to remind patients when their last repeats are filled and that a new script from a doctor should be obtained to allow the pharmacy to dispense the medication and not turn the patient away because of an expired script.
  • Disease management and care co-ordination services for improved health outcomes and support of patients.

Where you agree to it, your data is provided to Health Window, which will process the data in order for your pharmacy and Health Window to offer clients/patients value added health management services.

Healthcare Co-ordination services is offered to patients by Health Window (or Health Window's successor in title, who will fulfil the same services on the same terms and conditions, adhering to the same privacy requirements).

You consented to the Healthcare Co-ordination services offered by your pharmacy and Health Window by signing the in-store script copy or by signing up online.

What data/information of mine is passed on by my pharmacy and then stored and used by Health Window?

If you agree to the service, the following data/information is sent from the pharmacy to Health Window and/or may be requested from a third party and accessed by Health Window:

  • Your name, contact details, address, ID Number ;
  • All prescription(s) with the necessary details on all your medicines;
  • All medical, clinical or claims information which may include:
    • Your medical aid details, inclusive of details about your chronic illness benefits and health plan;
    • Details about all your existing and newly diagnosed chronic conditions;
    • Biographical details;
    • Medical information that healthcare providers share with your medical aid scheme or with Health Window;
    • All results, including radiology and pathology (if any), which may also include sensitive information about HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases or pregnancy and its termination.

You gave permission for Health Window to request or have access to your personal information for the purpose of Healthcare Co-ordination services by signing the in-store script copy or by signing up on the Health Window website.

Your information will be stored and used to render the described services until you opt out by visiting the pharmacy consent website.

Please remember to notify us if any of your details change, such as your address or chosen pharmacy in the Health Window network.

What will Health Window do with my information?

1. Health Window will monitor your last dispense and at the right time engage with you telephonically or digitally in accordance with your preferred contact details to enquire if the pharmacy may pre-pack your medication for collection, so that it saves you time.

2. Health Window will monitor when your prescription expires in order to remind you timeously, telephonically or digitally in accordance with your preferred contact details, to visit the doctor to obtain a new prescription. (Without a new prescription, we will not be able to dispense your required medicines.)

3. Health Window will process the information to offer Healthcare Co-Coordination services, which include disease management support, as described above. This may include additional assessments and personalized predictions relating to your potential medical and health-related risks, if any.

4. Health Window may from time to time conduct patient surveys to better understand drivers of poor adherence and patient outcomes. This will always be done on a voluntary basis and should Health Window wish to collate all patients’ answers, no identifiable personal information of any patient will be shared in such report(s).

Who can see my information?

Only staff of Health Window or subcontracted service providers that work on the services will see your identifiable information. This information may be shared with your healthcare provider(s). They will never disclose your name or provide any information to any unauthorized person.

During the delivery of these services, we may from time to time employ third parties and/or their software to improve the services, which may include software development and data analytics services. All service providers are also bound by confidentiality agreements to protect and safeguard personal data.

Further use of your information

Health Window uses your information in a de-identified, collated manner to give reports to pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies, so that they can see, in totals, how many patients used the service, how many reminders were sent and how the adherence rates (i.e. how those patients using the service) differ from those who do not use the service.

No identifiable personal information will be shared in these reports.

Do I have to participate?

You do not have to use this service, but in our experience receiving this service helps patients ensure that they always have medicine to take. It is also convenient, will save you time at your pharmacy and will remind you before your prescription runs out.

Can I withdraw my consent?

You may withdraw your consent at any time upon which all services will be discontinued and your personal identifiable data removed from the database, you can do so by clicking here. To change your consent details please complete the required form by clicking here.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your pharmacy.